Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here in My Home

Nice song. Fun video (and I don't just mean identifying the personalities without looking at the credits). Soppy and too-good-to-be-true dream, though. Yes, I know I sound cynical. But I can't help the warm fuzzy feeling (and the sour cynical feeling) after listening/watching this.

The MP3 and QuickTime video can be downloaded for free at MalaysianArtistesForUnity. So go on, watch the video, download the mp3, embed the banner/video in your website/blog, spread the word. If only because it's a nice song.

free download

Update: I badly needed a LaTeX fix, so I re-typeset the guitar chords (original .DOC version available at the site above). The LaTeX-ed guitar chord + lyrics sheet can be downloaded here.

Update 2: This is weird. My baby kicks whenever I play the song. HARD. Yes sweetie, mommy hopes that this'll be a good home for you too. A better one than now anyway.


hussein said...

Aww. Makes me wish I was Malaysian :)

I wish this country could be a home for me.

Unknown said...
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